LFA Committees

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LFA contractual committees:

  • Educational Leave Committee
    As per section 23 in the Collective Agreement, the ELC meets to review and make recommendations regarding educational leave applications.
    LFA reps: The LFA VP and one additional faculty member appointed annually in Nov/Dec, from an area outside the Division(s) of that year's applicant(s).
  • Joint Labour Management Committee
    As per section 27 of the Collective Agreement, the JLMC brings union and management representatives together to improve Langara's labour relations environment. Meets to problem-solve, to promote good relations between Management and the Union, and to correct conditions that may cause grievances and misunderstanding.
    LFA members: The LFA President, VP and stewards.
    Meetings: monthly except in summer
  • Joint Committee on Continuing Studies
    As per section 24 of the Collective Agreement, the JCCS brings union and management together to monitor and review the direction of CS courses, programs and activities.
    Members: The Dean of Coninuing Studies, two Academic Administrators, and three LFA members including a lead Division Chair. Has been co-chaired by the LFA VP and an Academic Dean.
    LFA reps: Raged Anwar, Alison Curtis, Tess MacMillan.
    Meetings: Once per semester and additionally as needed.
  • Joint Occupational Health & Safety Committee
    See the Langara website for Terms of Reference and further information
    LFA reps: Mark Smith (Co-Chair), Milos Campbell.
    Meetings: Monthly
  • Joint Technology Committee
    As per LOU #5 of the Collective Agreement, the JTC meets to canvas faculty about their technology needs and on the basis of their findings, to work to meet those needs over the coming year. The first annual online survey was  carried out in fall 2017.
    Members: The JTC is co-chaired by the LFA Vice President and the College VP responsible for IT, or delegate, and has equal numbers of LFA and College representatives.
    Meets: As needed.
  • Professional Development Support Fund (PDSF) Committee
    As per section 23 of the Collective Agreement, the PDSF Committee disperses the Professional Development Support Fund in order to enable LFA members to engage in their own professional development activities. For more information about faculty PD funds, see Professional Development FAQs.
    Members: The LFA Vice President (Chair), each Division Chair, and the Chairs of Counselling, Educational Technology, Library Services, and TCDC.
    Meets: As needed.

Other LFA committees:

  • Bargaining Team
    Members for 2019/20 bargaining round: Darrell Kean, Scott McLean, Janet Douglas, Alison Curtis. Alison is also the LFA rep on the FPSE Bargaining Coordination Committee (BCC).
  • Human Rights & International Solidarity Committee (HRISC)
    Organizes events and activities, including Langara hosting of annual FPSE Environmental Speakers Tour.
    Bradley Hughes (Chair), KC Emerson, Robin Macqueen, Stephen Phillips. Bradley is also the LFA rep on the FPSE HRISC.
  • Non-Regular Faculty Committee (NRFC)
    Organizes events and activities to raise awareness about the casualization of academic work, including CAUT Fair Employment Week in October.
    Niall Christie (Chair), Stephen Phillips. Niall is also the LFA rep to the FPSE NRFC.
  • Web & Communications
    Individuals who administer, maintain and/or contribute to the LFA website, Facebook page, Zoom and/or Google Workspace accounts.
    Alison Curtis, Janet Douglas, Pauline Greaves-Ayward, Catherine Huth, Amy Kwan, Tanya Lewis, Joyce Wong.

College Committees and LFA reps

  • College Policy Governance Committee
    Provides guidance on developing and maintaining College policies. Membership includes on faculty member appointed by the LFA.
    LFA rep: Pauline Greaves-Aylward
  • Langara Council
    An advisory body for the College President and a forum for discussion and open consultation between the President and representatives of the College community.
    The LFA rep is LFA President, Pauline Greaves-Aylward.


FPSE Standing Committees and LFA reps

Federation of Post-Secondary Educators (FPSE) Standing Committees bring together representatives from its19 member locals to meet at least twice a year in Vancouver, normally in the fall and spring. They may also participate in the Spring Conference held every February and/or attend the FPSE AGM in May. For more information on Committee activities,see FPSE SC Reports from LFA reps.