Conversion of Contract Type

I’m a new faculty member, on a temporary contract. When will I get a regular contract? When will I get a continuing contract?

The most common sequence of contracts is Term contract for at least two years, then Reg-in-Temp contracts for any number of years, then either Regular contract or Continuing contract.

Each department has a base budget that defines the amount of ongoing work in that department. When Regular or Continuing faculty with ongoing work are on leave from that work, then Term (also called Temporary) or Reg-in-Temp contracts are issued to the replacement faculty.

Faculty on Term contracts are paid out for their vacation, with some vacation pay included on each pay-cheque. A Regular contract means that you receive paid vacation time, and instructional faculty also receive paid non-instructional time (commonly – although not necessarily accurately – called PD time). The typical instructional Term contract is four-months; instructional Reg-in-Temp contracts are usually six months (four months instruction, plus one month non-instructional duty, plus one month vacation).

Your initial contract type depends on the nature of the work that you have been hired to do. If you are replacing someone who resigned or retired, or if the department has expanded, then your initial contract will probably be a Regular contract. If you are replacing someone who is on leave, then your initial contract will be a Term contract.

When will you get a Reg-in-Temp contract?

If you work at least quarter-time on Term contract for at least two semesters per year for two years within a five-year period, and if your evaluations are satisfactory, then your next contract will be Regular-in-a-Temporary-Vacancy, commonly referred to as Reg-in-Temp. This contract type means that you have taught for two calendar years, but the work you are doing is still replacement work. So you will get some paid vacation time, and instructional faculty get some paid non-instructional time, but your contract will still have an end-date because there is no ongoing work for you. Usually Reg-In-Temp contracts are six months in duration. If additional work becomes available, your six-month contract will be extended. However, there is no guarantee that your Reg-In-Temp contract will be extended or renewed – it all depends on what work is available.

When will you get a Regular contract?

As soon as ongoing work is available, the department should recommend that the College assign it to a qualified person. Work is assigned to the best qualified department member, with Reg-in-Temps considered prior to Term instructors. Qualifications include area of expertise and evaluations.

When will you get a Continuing contract?

After the equivalent of 36 full-time months on Regular or Reg-in-Temp contracts, if the work is ongoing and if your two regular evaluations have been satisfactory, then your contract should be automatically converted to Continuing. The important point to note here is that the work must be ongoing; in some instances, faculty members remain on Reg-in-Temp contracts for more than 36 full-time months because they are replacing someone who is on leave and who has the right to return.

If you have any questions about your contract, your working conditions, the Collegial Management System, evaluations, benefits, the Langara Faculty Association, or anything else, don’t hesitate to contact the LFA Office.