PDSF receipts

If you have spent your PD funds for this fiscal year, which ends March 30th, you are eligible for a top-up of $400, which is called PDSF.

To apply for this, print the PD/PDSF Application form from this site, on the Documents tab,  or from the College intranet.  Have your Dept. Chair and Div. Chair sign and code it.
The next committee meeting to approve these requests is March 21st, so forms with receipts should be submitted by March 18th.

Tentative Agreement

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Hi Colleagues,

The bargaining team and the LFA Board would like to recommend to you the ratification of a new Collective Agreement.
At the  LFA membership meeting scheduled for this Thursday, Feb 28th in A130 at 2:30 the LFA Board and bargaining team will explain the details of the new Collective Agreement and will answer any questions you have about it.
The voting on the ratification will begin on Thursday and continue Friday and Monday.
We will be presenting to you several Letters Of Understanding which, if ratified by you, will result in salary increases of 1% effective January 1; another 1% on April 1; 1% on September 1 and the last 1% increase on January 1, 2014.
We plan to have the details of the LOU's in your mailboxes by Wednesday so that you will  have an opportunity to read it in advance of our membership meeting.
I look forward to seeing you on Thursday.
Kind regards, Lynn

Some FPSE locals agree to Template deal

Although the LFA sent representatives to observe the bargaining process neither the LFA nor the College are signatories to this agreement.
A number of FPSE College locals met to negotiate a template agreement with the Post Secondary Employers Association (PSEA) last week. 
The employers for the special universities were not being represented by PSEA in these negotiations. 
The following is a Bulletin issued by FPSE about the conclusion of the template bargaining.