The Langara Faculty Association (LFA) is the union representing faculty employed by Langara College. As the registered agent for collective bargaining, our certification covers all faculty - instructors, librarians, counsellors, and others. We are affiliated (local 14) with the Federation of Post-Secondary Educators of BC (FPSE).

As a union we:

  • negotiate and maintain collective agreements
  • defend workplace rights
  • represent faculty on college boards, councils, and committees
  • host workshops, seminars and social events
  • champion accessible, quality post-secondary education
  • advocate through provincial and national labour organizations

Above all, we seek to support, represent and empower our members.

Key LFA contacts include the Board of Directors, Chief Returning Officer, Steward Team, and LFA Committees.

LFA Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the LFA's governing body, collectively responsible for the business and administration of the union. The Board meets weekly except during the summer term. For members who wish to view them, Board meeting minutes are kept in the LFA office. The Board sends out regular email Bulletins to keep members informed throughout the year. We also invite members to reach out to any Board member if you have questions or would like to get in touch.

For more information about the work of the Board, see About the LFA Board.

2022/2023 Board Name Email  
President Pauline Greaves Aylward pgreavesaylward@yourlfa.ca
Vice President Darrell Kean dkean@yourlfa.ca
Secretary Tanya Lewis tlewis@yourlfa.ca
Treasurer Shelley-Anne Vidal savidal@yourlfa.ca
Chief Steward Alison Curtis acurtis@yourlfa.ca
Director Niall Christie nchristie@yourlfa.ca
Director Catherine Huth chuth@yourlfa.ca
Director Natalie Knight nknight@yourlfa.ca
Director Joyce Wong jwong@yourlfa.ca

Chief Returning Officer (CRO):
Among other duties, the CRO oversees the nominations and annual elections for the Board of Directors, the holding of strike and ratification votes, and the holding of any referenda the LFA may hold from time to time. For more information, see the Policy regarding CRO duties and selection (PDF).

  • Chief Returning Officer, 2022-2024: Chantal Faucher

The stewards work ongoing to ensure that faculty members' Collective Agreement, legislative, and College policy rights are respected and exercised. We invite members to contact anyone on the steward team if you have questions or would like assistance. The steward team is:

Members actively serve as LFA reps on a number of LFA, College and FPSE committees. For more information, see the Committees page.

General Meetings:
The Annual General Meeting is held in May and general meetings are called throughout the year. For members who wish to view them, past General meeting reports and minutes are kept in the LFA office.


The LFA was formed in 1970 to represent faculty at the new Langara Campus of what was then called Vancouver City College (later renamed Vancouver Community College). The LFA became certified as a union in 1974 when the BC Labour Code was first applied to college instructors, and it has continued as the certified bargaining agent for faculty since Langara became an independent college in 1994. The LFA is local 14 affiliated with the Federation of Post-Secondary Educators of BC (FPSE).

In 2013/14, the LFA conducted a review of its membership in FPSE, facilitated by Past President Alan Cooper. The final report was presented to members at the May 2014 AGM. At that meeting, members voted to affirm continued membership in FPSE.